Jade Pendant for Sale

A pendant is one of the most attractive jewelry items

This jade items should bring good luck, protection from evil spirits and danger, which is a myth and only based on superstition. Since a variety of colors is available, it is matching various clothing styles. They are also regarded as a talisman especially when it has a religious (usually Buddhist) theme. If the material is of the very fine one such as imperial or emerald green the price easily moves into a 5 digit $ sum.

They often come with a carved Buddha image

Black Jade Pendant
Black Jade Pendant
a dragon or a mythical theme. All this shows it’s a important material because people interpret so many things into it which has never been proven by any means beside of believing it. 

There are two materials they are made from, one is Jadeite, that's the better stuff and can get very expensive, it is mainly mined in Myanmar’s Kachin State. 

The other is nephrite with deposits are all over the world but can’t match jadeite, it simply has better colors, texture and translucency than nephrite.
black jade pendantlight green jade pendant

The most valuable is "Imperial Jade" with a great green color just like an emerald. Basically almost all colors are available including black and white.

They suit all age groups however more women than men use them and among them Chinese are by far the most user. To fit a pendant to your body check what color you like since it should somehow to color of your clothing, also styling is important.

Laughing Jade Buddha Pendant
White and Lavender Jade Buddha Pendant

As an example, at slim women a bigger jade pendant looks good, for a shorter women a long pendant will give a better overall pictures and a rather thin neck could look better with a smaller one.  

Jade Pendant for sale

Here are white pieces with a high level of translucency which look exceptional.

Real good pieces of jadeite

can get expensive very quick. especially when they have the right translucency and imperial jade color. 

I discovered one beautiful item the other day in the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon, the premier jade bazaar worldwide for around $ 17.000,-, no yoke, its amazing how they  pop up prices since they are on the road to democracy, for them this means raise the prices. 

white green jade pendantlight green jade pendant

In the last 2 years (today is 2013) almost all jade and precious stones prices in Myanmar doubled and more. 

Actually the price hike is fueled by Chinese who are on a buying frenzy since all jewelry shops in China and elsewhere are telling everyone should buy now because supply is dwindling, which is nonsense there is enough supply in Myanmar's Kachin State for the next two hundred years and elsewhere they find continuously more sites, nephrite is the cheaper "brother" of Jadeite.
high priced lavender jewelry

jade pendant prices

Pretty jade pendants for sale

are often not cheap at all, the price range goes from maybe $ 20,- for a simple piece up to around $ 20.000,- for a exquisite imperial green transparent piece of jewelry. When buying anything make sure you get a official invoice otherwise problems could come up when leaving the country.

jade pendant with a mythical theme
Also have the seller write down, that he or she certifies that this is natural, non treated, since plenty of "dirty cheating" is going on to "enhance" colors and appearance. 

In this business you are virtually dancing with 2 legs sharks, all are Chinese and they do this cheating since hundreds of years, they know how to "pull you over the table"  Its amazing what they are doing to squeeze out some more dollars.

This oriental markets are a real treasure trove for exquisite jewelry 

items, they also have rubies, sapphires, diamonds, gold, pearls and plenty of art objects such as woodcarvings, antiques, brass and bronze items, mother of pearl, paintings, lacquer art, sandal wood carvings and more. They also have plenty of sculptures in the shops, this place alone is worth a journey to the country since there are not many real oriental bazaars of the past left, the next best could be the bazaar in Istanbul.

The place is right in the city center

and in walking distance from all major city center hotels, also a good spot for changing money. 

Don't change money at the banks there, go inside the market and check at a shop, don't listen to the guys who run around whispering "change money" they will cheat.

Jade Dragon Pendant
Round Jade Pendant Green and Lavender ColorThis pretty thing around your neck is a very popular form of light jewelry which looks good, is available in a wide price spectrum and often mean something since most of this precious items are Buddha images in various shapes and reliefs, pretty accessories of tasteful body decoration.

They are not only beautiful jewelry

unique Buddha pendant
Unique pendant 

Chinese people also believe it protects the body from negative influence and has some positive health properties. A item carved out from this mineral can be very expensive and also very cheap, it depends much on the translucent look, the pattern of the color, the texture and is it free from cracks etc. 

When buying a jade pendant  few parameters can make the price difference of a few thousand dollars. Hold the item against light and see if it somehow shines through, the more translucent it is the better it is and the higher the price, this actually is with any jade item. 

small white and green pendants
There are two varieties this piece of a great stone come, one is jadeite (the better one) the other is nephrite. The stone come in almost every color which is very often a “mélange” with other colors, here again the most uniform color the better it is. The objects here are all from jadeite material which is only mined in Myanmar’s Kachin State.

Nephrite is found at different locations 

the biggest production of nephrite is currently in Canada. Hundreds of years ago it was China or rather Turkestan today that area plays only a minor role in production but is still the biggest market worldwide, this has something to do with history.
lavender jade pendant

The mineral can be found in a wide variety of styles, forms, application and colors from tradition styles to very modern artistic, Chinese are probable the master in handling that, their creativity is unmatched.

But they are also the worst cheater when it comes to “enhance” the stone to squeeze out more money from the buyers. All kind of techniques and tricks to pop up color, texture and look.
The problem is that this “enhanced” stuff looks good in the first 3 years after it deteriorate and is more or less junk, if not considering this when buying jade it can be very expensive junk.

It's amazing what kind of symbolic meanings they interpret into necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants and even earrings made from this precious stone.

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  1. The best shops with artistically made jadeite pendants is the Bogyoke Market in Yangon with more than 50 shops. It's real great stuff on the other side prices are quite high for top quality but they have enough other with lower quality (that mainly means less translucency).